About Us

About be gentle goods, our values, and what we stand for:
Nowadays, the biggest bully in our lives is usually our own negative self-talk. We can truly be so mean and hard on ourselves. When we choose to be more loving, gentle, and kind, we end up feeling more empowered to confidently go after our dreams. When we choose empathy, compassion, and self-love we become our own cheerleader.

Be gentle goods is here to encourage self-empowerment so you can go after your wildest desires to create the life you dream of while still reminding you that you are worthy and incredible exactly as you are, no matter what.

Be gentle goods is made for all ages and genders; come as you are. If you don't see your size, please let us know as we would love to create an order made for you. Be gentle goods is a safe space. You are welcome, accepted, and embraced for being you.

We believe everyone is beautiful, worthy, and incredible exactly as they are. 

I'm so grateful you're here.
Love, Elana

About Elana Baum, owner & creator of be gentle goods:

Elana Baum is from Ottawa, Canada. She truly believes she was brought on this earth to inspire and empower others through her creative expression and passion for art and fashion.

Elana has always been involved in the arts, fashion, and business community. She went to De La Salle, an arts high school in Ottawa where she took a 4-year art program. She practiced visual art, media art, photography and learned how to silk-screen apparel. As a child, she always wanted to be a fashion designer. D
uring her time as a teenager, she was involved in her high school's annual art and fashion show and modeled at Ottawa fashion week for 4 seasons.

Elana holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Marketing from the University of Ottawa. She combined her skills in marketing and e-commerce with her love for art, fashion, handmade goods, and empowering others to practice self-love, gentleness, and to go after their dreams. With that, be gentle goods was born.

Apart from be gentle goods, Elana is enjoying her growing career at Shopify as an Account Executive. She helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by gaining access to commerce tools and business funding. Many of whom would have otherwise experienced barriers to funding such as BIPOC, women, and early staged businesses.

She is truly passionate about supporting and empowering others to achieve their dreams. Whether it's through her day job, her handmade goods, or being a good friend to her family, colleagues, network, and community.

Why be gentle goods?
When you wear your be gentle goods, you will be reminded that your happiness and success doesn't have to come at the cost of kindness to yourself and others. Together we can inspire and empower each other to be gentle and kind so that we can confidently go after-and-achieve our dreams. This is my dream becoming a reality, I'm so glad you're apart of it. I look forward to connecting with you in our community. Together we will promote gentleness, kindness, empathy, compassion, self-love, and empowerment to ourselves and one another.

Thank you for shopping at my small Canadian women-owned brand <3

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