about our products

Our sweat sets are made in Canada! Made in small batches in Toronto and then silk screened by hand in Ottawa. The whole process for creating a set takes 4 weeks. Made with love and a luxury 450 gsm 100% cotton for a cozy, warm, and oversized look made to last forever.

Elana creates her designs and cuts a stencil on vinyl using a silhouette cameo 4 machine. Then, carefully putting it on a silk screen and pressing permanent fabric ink onto the apparel and totes. After drying for 48 hours, she heat presses them to lock in the design. 

Ceramics (mugs, plates, jewelry trays, vases) are handmade with love by Elana in Ottawa using the handbuilding pottery technique. The whole process for creating a piece takes 4+ weeks. 

After creating the shape, the clay dries for a week, then goes into the kiln for a bisque firing for 10 hours. Then, hand painted and glazed, and back into the kiln for a 12 hour firing.

Our necklaces are handmade in house in Ottawa with a mix of precious gems, crystals, stones, pearls, vintage beads and fresh unique beads. Our gold and silver jewelry is sourced in small batches from high quality materials (14k gold plated and sterling silver).

Art Prints:
Small prints are printed in house and larger prints are printed in small batches locally. All art is made by Elana and explore themes of self-love, kindness, empowerment, and mindfulness.

Tote bags:
Silk screened in small batches by Elana in Ottawa. 100% cotton and the perfect everyday tote.
Behind the scenes:
Check out our Instagram reels @begentlegoods to see more behind the scenes of how our products are made. For example, c
lick here to watch a 1 minute video of how our totes are silk screened!

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